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Homeowner Dues: Dues are $120.00 per month. Dues are charged and due on the 1st day of each month. We do offer coupon booklets and automatic draft options for easy payment.

 Late Fees: There is a $20.00 late fee charged on the last day of the month for any balance not paid in full by that day. As per the Board of Directors (May 3, 2010), the late fee charge has been temporarily being moved back to the last day of the month until further notice.

Maintenance Requests:  Minor maintenance requests, such as burned out light bulbs in a hallway or at the entrance steps to a building, should be referred to Lambeth Management at (336)288-4944 or via email (found on the Lambeth Management contact page: Contact Us). Lights that are burned out in hallways are considered an emergency maintenance problem which requires immediate attention.

Please note that all maintenance requests to Lambeth Management MUST be submitted to our office in writing. Forms can be submitted on line (to the right) or printed and mailed to our office. For emergencies (roof leaks / water leaks) please contact our office at 288-4944.

Insurance Coverage: The Association is a condominium community. The Association carries the Master Insurance Policy which maintains fire and extended insurance coverage for all buildings, common areas, and amenities as well as general liability and Directors & Officers (D&O) coverage.

     It is recommended that homeowners carry an HO-6 policy which provides coverage for personal property, personal liability, and building coverage.

 Please note: The Association recommends the owners HO-6 policy provide for building coverage in an amount equal to or greater than the amount of the HOAs Master Policy deductible. Homeowners should contact their insurance agent to be sure that they have proper coverage.

Master Insurance Policy:



Larry Brown

(336) 888-2525 phone

(336) 886-7513 fax



Deductible amount = $1000.00*


*Please contact the Master Insurance Policy agent to confirm this deductible amount

Pets: While outside, pets are to be under the control of their owner, restrained by a leash or other physical restraint. Owners are expected to clean up after their pets.

Trash Collection: All trash should be placed inside the dumpsters with perishable items sealed inside of trash bags.

Architectural Control: Any changes or modifications to the exterior of your condo must receive prior approval from the Association. Click on the button to the right for the necessary form and information. Please allow 30 days for the approval process.



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