Parkside Yard of the Month Winners

Thank you for helping to make our community beautiful!

2024 Yard of the Month:

May: 4105 Devonshire Ct.

April: 3943 Lake Meadow Dr.

2023 Yard of the Month:

September: 3368 Nottaway Dr

August: 3322 Cherrybrook Dr

July: 3353 Tadmore Ct

June: 3445 Silverlake Ct

2022 Yard of the Month:

September: 3941 Lake Meadow Dr.

August: 3405 Cherrybrook Dr.

July: 3422 Nottaway Dr.

June: 3306 Cherrybrook Dr.

May: 3336 Barnsdale Rd.

April: 4049 Tutbury Drive

2021 Yard of the Month:

September: 4108 Tutbury Drive

August: 3417 Nottaway Dr

July: 3931 Lake Meadow Dr

June: 4100 Devondale Ct.

May: 4101 Tutbury Dr.

ps may yotm

April: 4029 Windstream Ct.

ps april yotm

2020 Yard of the Month:

October: 3330 Winterbrook Place

oct yotm

September: 3316 Cornelia Ct.


August: 3441 Silverlake Ct.

ps 3441 silverlake aug yotm

July: 4020 Tutbury Dr.

4020 Tutbury Dr

May: 3443 Silverlake Ct.

3443 Silverlake

2019 Yard of the Month:

September: 4105 Tutbury Dr.

sept yotm house

August: 3368 Tadmor Ct

3368 tadmor ct

July: 3357 Tadmor Ct


June: 3849 Windstream Way

ps may yotm b ps may yotm

May: 3430 Silverlake Ct.

ps april yotm 3430 silverlake ct

2018 Yard of the Month:

October: 3426 Tutbury Dr.

ps oct yotm house

September: 3930 Lake Meadow Dr.

ps sept yotm 3930 Lake Meadow Dr

August: 3343 Barnsdale Road

ps yotm 3343 Barnstable Drive

July: 3921 Lake Meadow Drive

ps july 2018 3921 Lake Meadow Dr

June: 3359 Nottaway Drive

ps june 3359 Nottaway dr

May: 4032 Windstream Court

ps may yotm

April: 3900 Tutbury Drive

ps april yotm

2017 Yard of the Month:

October:  3935 Lake Meadow Drive

ps oct yotm ps oct yotm b

September: 3321 Cornelia Court

ps sept yotm

August: 3410 Nottaway Drive

ps yotm aug 3410 Nottaway

July: 3426 Pinebrook Drive

ps july yotm

June: 3808 Tutbury Drive

ps 3808 tutbury drive

May: 3348 Denby Court

ps front w sign

ps cactus and roses ps entrance ps unique flowers ps zebra grass

April: 3419 Silverlake Court

ps April 2017-Silverlake Court

2016 Yard of the Month:

October: 3388 Cherrybrook Drive

ps yotm oct

September: 3946 Lake Meadow Drive

Sept.16 yotm

August: 3421 Silverlake Court

whole house

July: 3393 Cherrybrook Drive

ps july 3393 cherrybrook dr

June: 3912 Lake Meadow Drive

ps june 3912 MeadowLake

May: 3437 Silverlake Court

 ps 3437 Silverlake

April: 3859 Windstream Way

ps yom

March: 3421 Nottaway Drive

ps Mar.16 YOTM