Wilson Farm


Homeowner Dues: Annual dues in the amount of $350.00 are charged on the 1st day of each year (January 1st). All owners will receive an invoice for payment in December. As in previous years, The Board of Directors is providing a “two payment” option. Owners who wish to take advantage of this, may send $175.00 in January and $175.00 in July. A statement will be sent in June for those owners who have opted for the two payment option.

NEW OWNERS: Please contact Aqua at 1-877-987-2782 to ensure water service is changed to your name to avoid any break in service.

Annual Meeting: is held each November at the Summerfield Community Center. Association business, financial review and election of members to the Board of Directors are included on the agenda. Notice of meetings is mailed to all owners.

Architectural Control: changes require prior written approval of the Board of Directors, who serve as the Architectural Control committee. As specified in the Declaration, any changes, modifications, or additions to the exterior of your home must be submitted in writing along with a plot plan indicating the location of any fence, outbuilding, addition, pool, etc. Please find forms below.

Insurance coverage: is maintained by the Association on the common areas only. Wilson Farm is a single-family community where homeowners own their own home and should maintain insurance coverage on their home and personal property by obtaining an HO-3 policy. In addition to the property coverage for common areas, the Association also maintains liability and D&O coverage.

Service request forms: All requests (other than emergency) are to be submitted in writing for review and action. Forms may be submitted online under the “contact us” tab above or requests may be written and mailed to our office..

Trash Pick-Up: is handled through Republic Waste Services. The pickup day is every Wednesday. Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday.


Articles of Incorporation     Declaration     Bylaws     Violation / Fine Policy

Handbook – Revised 10.20.2020 – with AC Form     Mailbox Post

Architectural Info and Form     Fence Guidelines  Mailbox Post   Satellite Dish Request Form

Directory Form

RIGHT TO INITIATE MEDIATION: Pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 7A-38.3F, members are notified that they may initiate mediation to try to resolve a dispute with the association; however, the association may decline mediation.  Any costs of mediation, including the mediator’s fees, shall be shared equally by the parties.  (NOTE: Disputes related solely to a member’s failure to timely pay an association assessment or any fines or fees associated with the levying or collection of an association assessment are not covered by the mediation statute.)